Home Theater


With distributed audio you can hear music wherever you are in your house, all controlled by the touch of a button. Listen to soft background music, crank up the volume for a summer BBQ, or distribute your favorite satellite radio program to every room. It’s more than just great sound. It’s a lifestyle.

With a multi-source distributed audio and system, you can access your favorite CD in the kitchen, the TV in another room, your MP3 collection in the bedroom, and listen to talk radio in another. All these audio sources can be individually controlled by locally mounted, easy-to-use keypads with individual balance and volume controls to enhance the listening experience.

Phone Systems


Wireless. Cordless. Wouldn’t you rather have more than less? How about structure?

Structured wiring systems offer computer networking, cable or satellite, phone, and internet throughout the home. Hard wiring these systems is your best bet for reliability and the safety of your information.

Phone systems provide the benefit of streamlined communication throughout your home. Transfer calls between phones, call the kids for dinner or have a private conversation between two extensions. Phone systems are designed based on your needs and can combine cordless and desktop handsets.

Computer Networking1


Computer Networking is what Audio Pro Direct built its business on. Today’s modern homes need the most advanced networking built-in and ready for the high speed networks of tomorrow. The average home is predicted to have five or more computers, tablets and smartphones by 2017, but most of these homes do not have the infrastructure built in to support high speed networking.

Networking allows each computer to share resources including an Internet connection, printers, files, and settings. Have the power that businesses integrate in their systems built into your home with the high speed capability of Megabit and Gigabit Ethernet networks with the top equipment in the market.



Who’s at the door? Why is the baby crying? With the press of a button and the turn of your head, you’ll be control of your residence, your business, the safety of your family, and your peace of your mind.

Audio Pro Direct provides custom surveillance indoor and outdoor cameras and DVR solutions that integrate with your existing security systems, and access control to your residence or business.

Audio Pro Direct will install, test, and retest your equipment to give you peace of mind, knowing that your Fort Knox is monitored and protected 24/7 for your safety