Home Theater

Creating a luxury home theater today is limited only by your imagination. Advanced technology means you can now have a superior level of audio and video in your home entertainment room that surpasses the impact and realism of even the best commercial cinema. Other outstanding new technology includes features such as special acoustics, sound proofing, shade and lighting control, universal remote and custom theater seating.

Enjoy a media center with high quality video and audio from anywhere you sit. Furthermore, we can take the clutter usually found in the family room and conceal the electronic components in cabinets and rack units. Now projectors may be hidden, speakers can be flush mounted in walls and ceilings, and retractable projection screens just disappear into overhead cavities.

Our innovative home theater designs and media centers can adapt to any space, whether you are building a new home, remodeling a spare room, or adding on to an existing structure. No matter if you would like to simply upgrade your family room with a plasma and surround to sound or create your own screening room, we can help you to enjoy the authentic theater experience.